Azura is available for workshops in Canada and internationally.  She teaches ongoing classes at the Glencairn Recreation Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. 


Azura continually upgrades her teaching and performing skills through workshops and private lessons with master teachers and world-class performers.  She has taken a body alignment and injury prevention workshop for dance instructors.  


All classes:

  • Run from September 17 - November 19, 2018. This will be followed by a winter and spring session in 2019
  • Are held at the Glencairn Recreation Centre (2626 Dewdney Ave. East, Regina, SK)
  • Are $80 for the fall session (plus a $5 community association fee if you have not already paid this for 2018/19.  The community association fee supports community association programs in Regina, and is good for the entire year)
  • Online registration opened August 31st at
  • In person registration occurs at the Glencairn Recreation Centre, or call the community association at 306-789-6559. You can also register by contacting Azura through the contact page

THE BEGINNER’S CLASS - taught by Annissa

Mondays at 7:30 pm


If you’re new to belly dance, then this class is for you! You’ll do lots of dancing, hear different kinds of belly dance music, and try props such as veils, canes and candles! You’ll learn about the history of belly dancing, dance costumes and various dance styles.  Most of all, you will have fun, get some exercise, and meet new people while learning good technique!

The beginner's class will be taught by Annissa, a founding member of Raks Azhar Dance Troupe and of Br'Issah, and a board member for the Regina Association of Middle Eastern Dance.

Mondays at 7:30 pm

Have you danced for a year or two and are ready for something more challenging? Azura will teach Oriental, Egyptian and folkloric styles of belly dance! This class tries props such as veils and canes, and will work on a performance routine for spring 2018.

THE ADVANCED CLASS - taught by Azura

Wednesdays at 8:30 pm

Are you ready for more challenging technique? Do you want to develop your performance skills, and feel proficient with different belly dance styles and props? If you are a positive person and an experienced dancer who's interested in honing your skills and becoming a well-rounded, advanced or professional dancer, then this class is for you! The advanced class covers combinations, footwork, layered shimmies, and props, including zilling. The class learns a choreography and performs three or four times each year at dance shows and community events, including Azura's annual Shiver & Shimmy Show. They perform under the name Raks Azhar Dance Troupe. Participation in the advanced class is by invitation only, so contact Azura if you’re interested!

Victor Dyck and fellow drummers provide musical accompaniment for one of Azura’s classes



Do you want to learn the secrets of veil dancing, improve your layering, develop a folkloric routine or polish your performance skills? Or are you just getting started and want to try belly dancing with a few friends for fun? Azura is available for individual belly dance lessons, semi-private lessons for 2-3 people, and group dance lessons.

Updated September 2018