Inspired by coastlines where dunes and desert cliffs meet the ocean and the sky, Azura’s performances feature rippling veils, serpentine circles, graceful undulations, strong accents and beautiful hand and arm movements.  Azura loves orchestral music with dramatic entrances and frequent changes in mood and tempo.  Clashing cymbals, haunting violin, quivering scales on the oud, the ethereal notes of the nay and the spirited rhythms of Spanish guitar mark her routines.

The following poem was inspired by one of Azura's performances:

The Dancer

Then, almost unseen,
The slightest twitch
Of a hip, the smallest turn
Of an ankle.
Then again, and the
Dancer’s body explodes into motion
Without moving from her place.
Hips sway back and forth,
A hypnotic rhythm,
Driving the music into
A matching frenzy.
She steps now,
Around the cleared
Floor space,
Her body a sinuous shape,
Pure woman, all motion.
Her arms reach,
Almost grasping,
Then falling into
Another shape,
Now beckoning,
Now caressing,
Now brushing past,
Reaching for the sky.
Her body curves
In delicious expectation,
Telling stories
I don’t know how to read.
The joy she feels
Revealed in her face
And in her motion,
For all to see.
Motion slowing,
Hips twitch to and fro,
Front to back,
Barely moving.

Brian Clemmensen, August 11, 2011


Photo Courtesy Ben Checkowy
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